Critique on Suicide Disparities.

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Summary Give the author’s name, the journal article’s name (in quotation marks),

the periodical’s name
(italicized), and the date of publication. In seven sentences,
summarize the article, blending two short quotations, and
putting them in quotation marks.

of Author (1) What is the thesis of the article? (2) What seems to be the author’s perceived
“situation” and his “strategic response” (that is, what is his purpose for writing?) (3) How
does the author conceive his role? What persona, or mask, does he put on: scholar,
scientist, prophet, reformer, poet, judge, chronicler, wit, or what? (4) What mood or tone
does he write in? Does this change?

of Craft (5a) How is the article physically structured? (Is there an abstract, keywords,
subtitles, diagrams or charts, and how many references at the end?) (5b) Content-wise,
how is the article structure (e.g., an individual researcher, case study control groups, a
piece of technology)? (6) What single word (or two-word phrase) best crystallized the
article? Why? (7a) List three prominent experts cited in the article from the Works Cited
page, what institution they’re affiliated with, and “in a nutshell” what they offer to the
article? (7b) List two instances of logic demonstrated in the article. (e.g., inferences,
deductions, cause/effect, and so on). (7c) Is there any kind of emotion or sentiment
expressed in the article? (7d) What are a lot of the statistics doing in the article?

of Explanation (8) What kinds of connections does the author make among the disparate levels of
experience? And how? (e.g., literature with history, politics with art, novels with popular
culture, the individual with the larger social environment, events with motives and
consequences) (9a) Based on what you read in this article, what cultural value context is
the author coming from? (e.g., values a clean environment, well-educated children, value
technological advances) (9b) What is the locus of control? In other words, where is the
power centered? (research and development, attorneys, the research itself, politics) (10)
How does he explain what moves people? What motivates them to do what they do?
What are the shaping forces? (e.g., making sure the children are well educated, good or
bad health, pollution and clean up)

Conclusion (11) Is the article positive or negative? Why? (12) What two things did you learn
from the article? (13) How would you have improved the article? For example, would a
diagram, a better definition, or more examples have improved the article?


Style: APA

Length: 3 page

Reference: None

The answer and explanation can be found below. Thank you


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