Analysis of Current Events.

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An academic site on asking the right questions about sources of information: (Links to an external site.)

A website which evaluates many media media outlets for bias:

Paper Instructions:

This paper must be at least 600 words (typed, double spaced, 1” margins, 10-12
font), and provide citations to sources w/links to article (see #5 at bottom of page).
The paper is due on CANVAS by class time, Thur., Apr. 7. It is worth 40 points.
Find one or two articles from a text-based news source, and explain or
interpret what’s in the article(s) using two or more terms or concepts found in our
textbook and lectures (if you choose to use two articles, they should be on the same
topic so that your essay has ONE clear, coherent theme). As far as choosing your article(s),

you must use credible news sources (as discussed in class:
media-bias-chart). Your paper is going to be better if you use a NEWS (rather than an “OP-ED”

or opinion or editorial) article. The text-based news article(s) you use should have some
depth (longer length is one sign of that). Finally, it must be current (published during the
last year). To find an article of interest to you (and related to any course topic we’ve
covered) think of a particular topic you want to know more about and then search the
archives of the news website (know that some news websites limit you to 5 free articles a
month). But TCC databases allow you to go beyond this limit. See database, “US
NewsStream–Major Newspapers” at:
What’s important here is that you are able to link a news report of a current
event or trend to the sociological ideas in our course, thereby bringing more
meaning to both. This is in part an exercise in close reading and analysis of a news
source. Analyze what’s in the news article — don’t just introduce it and then use it
as a springboard to discuss your personal opinions.
Guidelines on what to include in your paper: 1) A brief introduction, which is
intended to convey the subject of your paper and news article, how it is of interest to you or
should be important to everyone, and its relevance to sociology (in other words, identify the
sociological concept you’ll relate to the news). 2) A description of the current event or news
which your article reports, or what is actually occurring out there in the world according to
this journalistic account; 3) A sociological analysis of the current event, (ideally, this should
be the longest part of your paper) which interprets or explains the current event or issue in
reference to the ideas and themes found in your textbook and our class meetings. In other
words, make explicit the connection between the particular current event and the more
general ways sociologists explain similar events our world. Don’t just use the article to
express an opinion, but spend time discussing and closely ANALYZING various statements
or points of the article using your sociological ideas. Ask yourself: What does this current
event mean in the bigger scheme of society? How can sociological concepts help explain it?;
Finally, 4) provide a conclusion, which reflects upon what you’ve learned, or how sociology
illuminates your current event; 5) provide citations and a reference page in proper
APA format (also provide links to any news articles used). For APA citation rules go to:


Style: APA

Length: 2 Pages

References: 2

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