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  1. Name a TV show or movie and discuss how it represents diversity in terms of what we’ve studied this week: religion, gender identity, and race. You can either recommend a show/movie that does a very good job with diverse representation or describe a show/movie that’s missing diversity. Please offer 2 examples to support your claim.
  2. Tell us what you’ve learned from watching this show/movie – should we watch it? Why or why not?
  3. Consider the “calling in” strategy for interrupting bias. And pick one of the following scenarios to respond to:
    • If you think the show/movie could do better, imagine you could talk to the writers. What would you ask if you wanted to call them in and have a productive conversation about their work and how you see people being portrayed?
    • If you think the show/movie is succeeding at representation, imagine that you might recommend it to a close friend/family member who would like to improve their intercultural intelligence. Maybe they just don’t realize they have some unconscious biases, but you see it and want to help. What could you say about this show/movie to kindly “call them in?


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Gender identity

Example 1: Chiron struggles with being a guy black man in the community
Example 2: Chiron fails to meet all society expectations of male traits
Lessons from Moonlight.

  • Struggles towards having identity
  • Portrayal of confidence
  • Having strength as individual
  • Masculinity is not entirely a heterosexual characteristic
  • Children and teenagers should be active listeners
  • Unsolved issues people witness as they transform into adults

  1. Calling in” Strategy for Interrupting Bias

Scenario One

 Issue on pressing charges
 Lack of openness regarding Chiron’s sex life
 Deceptive notions among audience
 Gradual metamorphosis of black youth into a hardened criminal in realistic and precise

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