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Heterosexism is the existence of advantages and rewards on heterosexuals solely as a result of their sexual orientation. Many of the things that heterosexuals take for granted may be unavailable to gay or bisexual people. Make a list of the advantages a heterosexual “straight” has. If you are “straight,” what advantages do you enjoy that gay people are less likely to enjoy? Think hard—many of the things that heterosexuals take for granted are not equally available to everyone. Examples include displaying a picture of one’s loved one without fear of retaliation or ridicule; not having to hide parts of one’s life from family, friends, and coworkers; or having the loved one be legally recognized as the next-of-kin. When you have made your list, go to www.yahoo.com or www.google.com and type “heterosexism” into the search box. What items could be added to your list as a result of your search? Why do you think you didn’t see them earlier? 


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