John Locke vs. Thomas Hobbes; view on “nature”

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Compare the views of Hobbes and Locke on life in a state of nature, together with the prescription each provides on how to get beyond its inconveniences. After you have compared the two philosophers, write a short 1.5 page narrative Imagining that you have been transported to a society that exists in the state of nature, and there you meet John Locke. The community exists exactly as Locke said such a community would. Write a story in which you and Locke take a tour, and he points out to you behaviors by community members that indicate that his description of the state of nature was correct and that Hobbes’s description was incorrect. Your story should have Locke point out behaviors that support the things he says about natural human respect for property and life.


Style: MLA

Length: 3 Page

References: 3

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