Laura Ring’s ethnography.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology project and need support to help me learn.

Describe your reaction to Laura Ring’s ethnography, Zenana: Everyday Peace in a Karachi Apartment Building,as well as what someone might learn about South Asia by reading it. Note: as with all writing in this course, try to avoid ethnocentrism and Orientalism. i attached the book just search the title on the search button and you will find the article, please ask me if there is any question. the paper need to be written well.


STEP 1: Describe the situation(s) observed–What happened?
REQUIRED QUESTIONS are answered (Who else was there? What did other people do?)
Sufficient information about the situation observed are captured in description for analysis;
response is succinct, but provides enough detail to provide full understanding of what took
STEP 2: Thoughts and Feelings questions
What were you thinking or feeling (what was going through your mind) before, during, and
after this situation took place?
Your thoughts about the situation now?
What do you think other people felt during this situation?
Evidence of critical and independent thinking is evident; response formulates conclusions and
suggests solutions All questions in prompt are completely and thoroughly answered. Examples
are used, explanations are adequate and clear.
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome STEP 3: Evaluation/Analysis (thinking

  1. What approaches to working through the situation worked, and which ones didn’t?
  2. For you as a future public health professional, what was good and bad about the
    This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Connections between and among ideas are made.
    Process of working to identify higher-level concepts, problems, and efforts to identify separate
    and distinct parts of phenomena are apparent. Response shows original thought and effort to
    convey key information, then integrate and synthesize information. Shows creative solutions to
    problems identified
    STEP 4: How could the situation have been prevented?
    Questions in prompt are completely and thoroughly answered. Examples are used,
    explanations are adequate and clear. Solutions are practical, and show thoughtful review and
    STEP 5: What skills do the individuals you observed (employees or volunteers, not
    clients/patients) need to develop, so that they can handle this type of situation better in the
    Skills suggested are specific, evidence-based and considered best-practice by professional
    standards. Examples relevant to situation observed are used and explained thoroughly


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