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Organizations must find the best candidate for a job among a pool of many applicants. Which basic selection criterion do you feel is the most critical in hiring? Give a rationale for your decision along with examples:

  1. Education and experience.
  2. Skills and abilities.
  3. Personal characteristics.
  4. Hiring for fit.

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Classmate’s Post:

Good Evening-

This week’s discussion is a perfect one for me, being as though I am a hiring manager and recently posted a position to hire someone. In reviewing resumes and selceting candidates I look for people that have the skills and ability to perform the required job functions. The candidate may not have experience in what I am hiring for but as long as they possess the skills to satisfactory perform the job and have no issues in learning the key functions of the role I would consider them to be a candidate I would interview.

Often times jobs put an emphasis on education, but just because they have a degree doesn’t mean they can necessarily do the job. While education is an added bonus in a potential candidate it should not be the deciding factor. Also, in looking at skills a person can be overqualified to do a job. I think that looking for people that will stay in a role for a length of time is key, to avoid turnover and constantly posting to hire new people. Overall, these are all critical items to consider during the hiring process.


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