Marriage in Tibet and Western Cultures.

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  • Compare western culture to non western culture choosing from: India and Nepal Bangladesh, Pakistan, China Mongolia, Tibet,
  • Polynesian,Oceania including Micronesia Melanesia, native peoples of Australia.
  • compare what would be different if that ceremony or activity was done in your own culture.
  • you use examples from Art (painting, sculpture), Music, Dance, or Theatre.

For the Essay question: please follow a standard essay format

Remember to talk about the non-western culture you are comparing to your own culture (western)

Introduction- please include some form of introduction

Cover at least :

2 similarities

2 differences

Please have a conclusion

It can be whatever- japanese wedding, sumo

whatever tradition or ceromony

examples from art, music or theathre can be used but don’t need to be


Style: MLA

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References: 1

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