Minnehaha Park: Psychology

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

New contexts can be enlightening ways to grow as Intercultural scholars and citizens of the world. For our final discussion post, offer a little “stay-cation” advice for your classmates. Imagine that we’re all spending the summer here in Minnesota. Where could we visit for a new experience? What would you recommend? Keep in mind, what’s familiar to you, might not be at all common for others, and adventures can be small and accommodate social distancing. For example – driving by a landmark, walking in a park or through gardens, or doing a necessary task in a different context. I’m forever grateful to the student who encouraged one class to seek out an Asian market and try rambutan! I love it, but it’s mysterious looking until you’ve tried it, and sure helped to have someone kindly explain it to me (and give me a specific item to look for)! Here’s an image, if this isn’t a familiar fruit to you:

Photograph of rambutan, a tropical fruit that has a spikey exterior shell, and a round, sphereical interior, with a center seed.

Another student encouraged us to take a walk down Summit Avenue in Saint Paul to see the Governor’s residence. Did you know you can take a virtual tour?

And, someone else suggested that we actually slow down to admire the Worlds Largest Snowman in North Saint Paul!

Please feel free to be creative and suggest experiences that are contactless, free/affordable, relatively local, and interesting!

For your post, answer the following questions:

  • Keeping in mind social distancing and what’s possible right now, where’s someplace we should check out? Can you include a link and/or a picture?
  • What should we know before we go?
  • What should we pay attention to when we get there? (Think of this as above the surface of the Iceberg observations.)
  • What can you tell us that we might not realize on our own? (This is the below the water level info: norms, rules, assumptions.)
  • And what do you hope we learn from this context that will increase our intercultural intelligence?


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