Nonprofit Organizations.

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6 questions about nonprofits.

  1. Competing theories about the role of nonprofit organizations in social movements suggest that nonprofits can either help or harm movements. Briefly describe these divergent arguments. Drawing upon one social movement we have either read about in the text or discussed in class, provide a description of the ways that nonprofit organizations either helped or hindered the movement.
  2. What are the key differences with regard to lobbying and advocacy abilities of 501(c)(3) nonprofits versus nonprofits in other categories that advocate/lobby (ex: 501(c)(4), (c)5, (c)6)’s etc? Despite their constraints, why might it be especially important for 501(c)(3) nonprofits to engage in advocacy/lobbying
  3. As we have discussed from the first day of class, the US nonprofit sector has been on a path of rapid growth over the past 50 years. However, it is unclear whether this growth is sustainable. What are some of the forces and factors that could serve to limit nonprofit growth in the coming years?
  4. We have discussed a number of ways that nonprofits contribute to local economic development. Identify two specific types of nonprofit organizations that work to promote local economic well-being among low-income groups or communities, provide a real-world example of each, and whether these organizations can generally be considered effective.
  5. Nonprofits use storytelling for a variety of goals. Discuss the five types of storytelling and how each type can help a nonprofit.
  6. In the last week of class, we examined six key trends that are expected to shape and define the nonprofit sector in the coming years. Please identify three of these trends and discuss specifically why/how each of these trends are expected to influence the nonprofit sector.


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