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You will submit a detailed outline of your term paper. Your submission must include sections corresponding to the following subheadings: Pick any medical ethical topic.

a.Technical Aspects
Provides necessary medical and scientific information to understand the issue.

b.Public Policy
Describes current and proposed changes in public policy/law.

c.Arguments For and Against
Include a summary of the arguments in favor of and opposed to specific interventions, techniques, or products and a discussion of underlying ethical principles. Discuss the public policy with two additional argumentative paragraphs- one discussing the in favor of and one paragraph discussing the opposing argument

Expresses your personal opinion regarding the importance of the topic and the strength of the pro and con arguments

Additionally, you must include:

  • Topic Sentences and Paragraph Transitions
    Each section of your outline should include topic sentences and paragraph transitions that tie your significant points together.
  • Detail Sufficient to Evaluate your Thinking
    Write complete thoughts.
  • Quotes and Paraphrases
    Include from three outside sources, indicated by APA in-text citations. Sources should be less than five years old unless recent research is not available, and at least one reference must be a peer-reviewed article from a professional journal. Do not use Wikipedia or an encyclopedia as they are not considered reliable academic sources and will not be accepted.


Style: APA

Length: 1 and half page

References: 2

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