Obesity Intervention: Lawrence County, Ohio.

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Identification of Intervention

The intervention is applied to Lawrence county, Ohio

One of the risk factors/causes identified in the Fishbone Diagram (Cause and Effect) process will be selected as the risk factor/cause the student wishes to address when selecting an intervention.

An evidence-based intervention will be selected to address the cause from data sources provided in class. Interventions can be to modify behavior, implement policy or address an environmental contaminate. Students should focus on the selected interventions below.

The Community Guide (https://www.thecommunityguide.org)

If a student finds an evidence-based or evidence-informed intervention that was located in another source other than those listed above, approval must be received from the instructor before proceeding.

Content: Paper should cover the following:

General Intervention Information: Remember that this is an intervention that has been done before NOT one you create.

  • Description of the intervention – Describe the intervention selected. Include information about the following elements:
  • – Name of the intervention (use the name from evidence-based information researched)
  • – Strategy (what are you attempting to do) – education, policy, provision of access to care, etc.
  • – How does the intervention or policy work: BE SPECIFIC.

Resources needed (people, money, materials, information, technology)

oPeople – Are people with special training needed to implement the intervention?

oMoney – Discuss how much the specific implementation may cost per person

oMaterials – What specific materials are needed for the intervention? Include costs in the estimate of money needed.

oInformation – Will documents be produced such as pamphlets, billboards, commercials, or social media posts be used to alert the community of the intervention?

oTechnology – Does this intervention require any specific technology to implement such as smart phones?

Strength of Evidence – Discuss where this intervention was located (i.e. systematic review, CDC webpage, etc). Discuss the strength of evidence behind this intervention (e.g. – see discussion of public health evidence types)

Systems Thinking Assessment –

oFrom the research you did on the intervention, what are possible bottlenecks barriers, equity issues, problems or limitations that were discovered about this intervention and will need to be considered before implementing in the community

oFrom the research you did on the intervention, what were important leverage points or aspects of the intervention that could improve the intervention implementation success (example: intervention was easy for participants to understand, low cost, issue is important to the community etc)


Style: APA

Length: 2 Page

References: 3

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