Physical Art.

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Hello, I need to write a paper on physical art in other cultures. Identify 3 works of art in your culture to compare to these images. Details are provided.

Physical Art in Other Cultures
Nearly every culture uses art as a form of expression.
Three examples of this can be seen in:
Aboriginal Dot Paintings – Fiona Young Napanangka – Ancestral Country

Benin – Pair of Busts: Oba

(King) and Queen, Edo, Nigeria, 2006

Korea – Dragon Jar – Second Half of the 18 th Century– Met Gallery

Identify 3 works of art in your own culture to compare to these images.

How are these works of art similar to art in your own culture?
What kind of feeling does the art evoke?
What does the artwork that you have chosen to compare to these works of art mean to you?


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