Projections of Development.

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Find an image that you believe represents mainstream understandings or projections of development.

In addition, please consider the following:


  • Has the representation of ‘development’ (including the relationship between the ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ world) changed over time? Are we more politically aware and critical of global economic relations? Are we more critical of ‘us’ and ‘them’ representations?
  • Is emotion important in representations? Can sentimentality be misplaced?
  • Do you agree that “The vulnerability and incapability of the Majority World [is] shown through women and children” (Nandita Dogra 2011)? If so, what are the political implications of such representations?
  • Do you think diversification of technologies has increased the diversity of representations? Do more diverse and media savvy groups/networks affect representations of development?


Style: APA

Length: 2 page

References: 2

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