Reflection on a career journey as a financial analyst student.

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Some background information: I’m a senior student in an undergraduate program majoring in economics. I want to work in the finance industry after graduation and planning to start graduate school next year. I want to get an MBA degree specializing in finance. I want to work as a financial analyst as a career job.


Prompt – choose one:

A) Create a portrait of yourself in a fulfilled post-undergraduate life. Why do you feel satisfied with your life? How did you create such a fulfilling life for yourself – what steps did you take to get there? (Consider the emotional, financial, physical, professional, psychological, spiritual, and other relevant realms of your life!)

B) How are you doing right now? What in your context is impacting you? What’s one thing you could do right now that might help you feel grounded or connected to other people?


  • Style:MLA
  • Word count:600
  • Citation: No Citation work

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