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Conscious capitalism is a philosophy where companies work to make the needs of their stake holders while doing it with high ethics and morals. Two companies that have adopted conscious capitalism are Starbucks and Trader Joes. These companies embody the tenet of “higher purpose” and create deeper meaning by focusing their goals beyond profits and inspiring stakeholders. Starbucks donates every single bit of their unused food items to local food banks which is very good because people who cannot get meals are able to. Trader Joes is has a cool program that they do in adopting conscious capitalism. “Not just any mission has an environmental element with Trader Joe. The Neighborhood Shares Program of Trader Joe’s is among the best ways the company donates millions of meals to communities in need. Approximately 69 million meals will be donated as part of the Neighborhood Shares Program in 2020.”(Gown, 2022) Both of these are examples of them doing more then what traditional corporations do!

The principles of match up perfectly with the Christan world view. God would want us to help out others if we are able to. These companies have more then enough money for themselves, and it is good to give back to the community. When someone gives back to the community, it will give hope others and in return they will want to give back as well.

Respones 2:

I feel the value of such analysis is to gain multiple perspectives. Each one influence the other in that individuals are part of the group, and the group is part of the organization. It allows one to see things that may otherwise be hidden. This can be especially useful when making decisions related to expectations and company direction. I also think that each individual offers a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that can be use in the group. It can help in determining who can be used in what circumstances and who can be paired with whom to help optimize tasks. This can apply to groups as well. Some groups have different thoughts. i know for my company we ask other departments for input on things like annual reviews and job assignments.

I also think the organizational behavior should follow the Biblical model for serving. In a typical church organization, both past and present, the members serve the staff who serve the leaders who serve the organization. This is the model that Jesus confronted. I believe Jesus showed us a servant leader model. The exact opposite is true. The organization should serve the leaders who serve the staff who serve the members who together serve the community. I do not mean this to say that the individuals should be making all the decisions. Rather, decisions should be made in servitude to the greater good of the individuals and community. I think this should be the change in the behavior.


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