Week 13 Worksheet.

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Week 13 Worksheet:

  1. Who were the founders of the Religious Right and what were their goals in founding their group?   
  2. What were some of the approaches of Moral Majority? How did its interfaith structure help shape their political activism in the 1980s?
  3. How did Ronald Reagan mobilize the Religious Right in winning the presidency in the 1980s? What were some of his policies/ actions that dissatisfied the Religious Right?
  4. How did George W. Bush energize the Religious Right in the 2000 election? Why was he seen as “different” than Reagan?
  5. How did George W. Bush try to advance the politics and concepts of the Religious Right during his presidency? What were some of the reasons that the Right thought of him as somewhat of a disappointment?
  6. How did our discussion of the 2004 election showcase some of the new tactics of religiously conservative politics?
  7. How has the Southern Baptist Church coalesced its own political power structure? What is meant by the “Southernization” of American politics/ the Republican Party?
  8. What are some of the reasons that Steve Strang mentions for feeling like God has decided that Trump would win the 2016 election? How do you see divine purpose being used by the 700 Club video to describe what transpired in the 2016 presidential election?   
  9. What are some of the details mentioned in the Rolling Stone article about religious Support for Trump? How did he “pay off their faithfulness” and show that “God wanted him to be president?”  
  10. How did Russell Moore (president of the Southern Baptist Church) show what can happen when a prominent member of the Right speaks out against a Religious Right president? What changes were viewable in Moore’s demeanor/ activism?     
  11. Why do you think so many people say that “Trump’s ungodly,” but still argue that he fights for Christians? What about the aura around Trump is seen as being God’s chosen messenger/ president (both the Rolling Stone and the 700 Club video address/ show this well) 


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