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Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

I have a file that comprises some softwood and hardwood products. I need a general description of each, like a paragraph and working properties and dimensions. Please make sure to give a good presentation in a word document with everything in your own words.


I need a General description for each product and working properties and dimensions(for
hardwood you can check websites in Pakistan for lumber and check what dimensions work in

• Burma Teak
• White Ash
• Wallnut
• Sapele
• Meranti (I don’t know red or yellow or both)
• Mahogany
• Oak
• Beech Wood

Softwood I need geral properties and working properties for each product
• Sawn Timber


30mm x 150mm
25mmm x 111mm
63mm x 105mm
45mm x 145mm
• Redwood S4S

• 50mm x 110mm
• 25mm x 125mm
• 34mm x 113mm 
• 25mm x 113mm 

• 38mm x 235mm

• Whitewood S4S
• 26 mm x 58mm
• 29 mm x 58mm
• 45 mm x 90mm
• 45 mm x 105mm
• 30 mm x 105mm
• 30 mm x 120mm
• 21mm x 105mm
• 27 mm x 105mm
• 27 mm x 120mm
• 30 mm x 70mm
• 30 mm x 72mm

• Eastern White Pine
38 x 100/ 150/ 200 mm
47 x 100/ 125/ 150/ 175/ 200/ 225 mm
50 x 100/ 125/ 150/ 200 mm

• Ponderosa Pine
• Cedar Yellow
• Southern yellow Pine


Style: APA

Reference: 2

Length: 3 pages

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