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Develop an ability to identify the hidden issues based on a detailed analysis.

Analyze the issues based on the theoretical concept learned.

Provide a recommendation for each issue identified in the case.

Prepare a coherent report and integrated analysis.


In order to complete your case analysis successfully, you should consider

reading the case two to three times to understand the issues faced by the organization or the protagonist;

analyzing the issues based on the theoretical concept learned; and

providing a recommendation for each issue identified in the case.

The report should be organized as follows:

introduction (Brief summary of the case)

company background (based on data in the case and from the company’s website; not more than 150 words),

issue (based on discussion questions provided – please name the sections appropriately)

evaluation of Issues,

suggested Alternatives,

conclusions, and


Suggested Case Questions

  • Why was organizational transformation needed at PNB?
  • What factors contributed to the resistance to change at PNB and how did it overcome the resistance?
  • How did PNB’s top management implement change? What interventions would you recommend?

Style: APA

Length: 6 Page

References: 6

Please review the answer and explanation below. Thank you


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