How Egypt is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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So I am doing a speech about ” How Egypt is one of the most beautiful city in the world? “

So I need

  1. identify at least three of your sources. Include the hyperlink.
  2. Explain how you’ll apply each of the sources in your speech. This does not have to be long, just tell me the piece of information you are quoting form that source or at least how it will help you
  3. and to fill the outline
  4. Copy-and-paste your speech outline or attach the document. I cannot accept .pages only Word documents or pdf files.
  5. Explain any difficulties experience outlining the speech or ask any questions that you have.


It has natural and artificial features which makes it beautiful

  • It has ancient civilization:
  • Gorgeous beaches:
  • Point for water sports championships:

Egypt is a beautiful country and should improve its visibility.


Style: MLA

Length: 450 Words

References: 3

Please review the full answer and explanation below:


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