Hospital Acute Care Setting: Learning outcomes and objectives for a nurse in-training

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Guidelines for Goals and Objectives (10%)

Please use the learning outcomes and objectives folder as a guide for this assignment.


You just received your nursing license, and you are offered your first new graduate position in a hospital acute care setting. (You may choose any area/unit of interest). The nurse preceptor who will be working with you asked you to put together goals and objectives that will help her guide you to be successful as you prepare to transition from a novice nurse to a more independent registered nurse on the unit.

  • Assess your own learning needs (weaknesses and strengths) and contribution to a successful transitioning (20pts)
  • Develop at least 5 goals and objectives for this new position (20pts)
  • Each objective must be realistic and measurable (Ex- 10 successful injections in 4 weeks) with supportive references and plan to accomplish each (20pts)
  • Demonstrate professional growth in the ability to care for multiple complex care patients (20pts)
  • Combine nursing theory and research to base your learning process to facilitate, to strategize and design your own learning experience through planning, implementation, and evaluation. (20pts)


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