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Speech Analysis on the Hidden World of Chili Peppers

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Title Slide:

The objective of the student speech analysis assignment is to analyze another student’s speech so that you will have a better understanding of the grading criteria used in this course, as well as learn to listen for key concepts we have discussed in this course.

Slide 1:

You will watch a copy of a student speech, available in this Module. You will then write a two to three-page paper evaluating this speech as if you were the professor. You may find the rubric used for the speeches in this course helpful.

Slide 2:

In order to keep your paper organized and focused, please comment on the following areas or sections:

  1. Speech Introduction
  2. Body and Signposts
  3. Speech Conclusion
  4. Overall Impressions

Now let’s discuss the questions you should cover in each section.

Slide 3:

In your analysis of the speech’s introduction, answer the following questions:

  1. Was the introduction effective?
  2. What device did the speaker use to get the audience’s attention?
  3. Was there a clear preview of his/her main points of the speech?
  4. How did the speaker establish credibility?

Slide 4:

In your analysis of the speech’s body and signposts, answer the following questions:

  1. Was the body well developed and clear?
  2. What was the transition from the introduction to the body?
  3. What were the main points of the speech?
  4. Did the speaker cite sources in their speech, if so what were the sources?
  5. What signposts were present?

Slide 5:

In your analysis of the speech’s conclusion, answer the following questions:

  1. Was the conclusion effective?
  2. How did the speaker indicate they were finishing their speech?
  3. Did the speaker recap their main points?

Slide 6:

To close your paper, provide your overall impressions of the speech. Include what was done well, and what areas of the speech, whether content, delivery, structure, etc. that needed improvement.

You are welcome to extend beyond the questions abovebut these should give you a baseline for starting your speech.

Slide 7:

Your analysis should be two to three pages (typed), one-inch margins, double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, with no cover page required. You must cite the course textbook to support your analysis, using APA formatting.

Requirements: long


The video Link to Hidden world of Chilli Peppers Speech.

Outline: Speech Analysis on the Hidden World of Chili Peppers

Speech Introduction.

The introduction was top notch effective since it was precise and vivid to the objective of his speech. The objectives of the student’s speech involved the history of chili pepper, why they can be so spicy and what happens when eating too hot peppers and ways the pepper can be utilized other than in foods. The preview highlights three body points which will be covered throughout the speech.

Body, Signposts and conclusion

After the student finished his introductory speech, when moving to the body, he utilizes some of the literary devices such as flashback to indicate the origin of chili pepper in order to up-level, make it better and more impactful as he continued to craft his speech hence getting the audience attention.

The main points of the student’s speech were based on historical findings, scientific research and articles such as Carolyn Dilly and Susan Bell who were the authors of the chili pepper book on why chili pepper is dietary essential hence spreading across the globe.

The signposts present was between the closing of introduction and opening of the body where the student paused for a while to indicate the audience that he is shifting to the body part. The other signpost was also at the closing of the body and the opening of the conclusion where he also posed and stated “in closing” to show that he is about to wrap up his speech.

The conclusion of the student was effective since he was recapping his main points throughout the speech. He also offers space for more research on chili paper especially on curing boldness.

Overall Impressions

The speech was perfect and I cannot say that it needs any more improvement because he offered everything from history to research to the future chili can offer

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