The Rules and Processes that Govern Global Communication.

The report must be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margins, and written in a 12-point font. 
Times New Roman in Microsoft Word must be used. Any references should be done in MLA or
APA style (linguistics generally uses APA).  All projects must have some sort of analysis, not
just straight description or literature reviews.  If using consultants, be sure to give their
background as necessary.  Length is variable, 7-10 pages for undergraduate students with at least
6 additional sources from Odum Library; and 11-15 for graduate students with at least 10
additional sources from the Odum Library, e.g., a journal article, a book, etc.
Linguistics papers are usually broken down into headed parts, including, for example,
(1) introduction, explaining the importance of your topic; (2) background/purpose, including
background of the human subject/author if any, the context, major concept(s)/variables
investigated, explaining more about the primary topic, such as morphemes, pragmatics, etc.;
(3) research method, including research questions/hypotheses, and methods for data collection
and analyses; (4) findings of the analysis, presenting a classification of the linguistic findings in
different subsections; (5) discussion/conclusion, explaining the significance of the findings and
summarizing your key points; and (6) recommendation/application based on your findings and
your discussion, discussing how the findings can be applied to your field of study/work.
Although MLA style calls for papers to be double-spaced throughout, examples like (12a-d) in
the following may be single-spaced to save room and avoid giving the instructor the impression
that you might be padding!
Examples: Linguistics papers run on examples.  As you see in the LANG text, these examples
are usually numbered in groups that illustrate a particular concept.  The writer starts a paragraph
with a general idea s/he wants to prove and then leads into the examples as data that demonstrate
the general idea.  Here’s an example:
     The features of language that are not universal and fixed are subject to change over
time.  Indeed, within these limits, the grammars of all languages are constantly changing…. 
One such change involves the manner in which we negate sentences in English. 
a. Ic ne seye not.  (‘I don’t say.’)

                                                        b. He ne speaketh nawth. (‘He does not speak.’).
                                                        c. I seye not the wordes.
                                                        d. We saw nawt the knyghtes.

    (12a-b) illustrate that prior to 1200, English formed negative constructions by
placing ne before the verb and a variant of note after it.  (12c-d) illustrate that by 1400 or
thereabouts, ne was used infrequently and not (or nawt) typically occurred by itself after the
     It was not until several centuries later that English adopted its current practice of allowing not
to occur after only certain types of verbs (such as do, have, will, and so on)….

  1. References or Works Cited page
    Make sure to follow the MLA/APA style to document the sources you cited. Do not include any
    source you did not cite in your text. See the following links for the style. Click on Table of
    Contents at the left for guides of different types of sources.
    Following is a link about library research I created for my composition classes just in case that
    you need further help for the library research. You can also click on Live Chat to chat with a
    librarian for questions/help.

  2. Attachments
    Attach supporting information/documents, e.g., the transcript, instruments you used to collect
    data (e.g., questionnaire, interview question list, tests, etc.), literary samples, writing samples,
    lesson plans, a handbook, a manual, tables, figures, etc., in the end of your report. The
    attachments are NOT counted toward the length of your paper.
    If you did a recording, provide a link to your recording in the attachments or you can simply
    drop in a hard copy to your professor.
    Make sure sources are from odum library


Style: APA

Type: Research Paper

Number of pages: 8 Pages

Reference: 6

Please Review the attached explanation and answer below:


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