Urban Planning Question.

Purpose and Objectives

  1. Is the overall purpose and desired outcome of the proposed plan/project described?
  2. Are the objectives for the participatory process described that explain specific and measurable achievements that are desired from public participation? There should be approximately 3-to-6 objectives described.
  3. This section should be about one-half-page in length.

Recommended Tools for Participation

One outreach, public information or communications piece that is used to inform
stakeholders and community about an upcoming activity, such as a public
workshop or survey. It should also provide a 1-to-2 sentence explanation of the
planning process, and how to stay involved and learn more information. This
may be in the form of a 1-to-2 page flyer, or a page on a website, or an “e-blast”
(e.g., Constant Contact). The graphic design should be simple, clean and minimal.
The narrative is most important.

Community survey (create your own survey): A complete survey design with a minimum of twelve
(12) questions and possible responses (for multiple choice questions),
including demographic questions at the end.

Participatory Process Design

Is there a section describing Phase I, including the following (in a bulleted list):
a. Phase goal for public participation
b. Time frame for conducting the phase
c. Descriptions of each activity during the phase (1-to-2 sentences each)


Style: APA

Pages: 4

References: 4

Please review the full answer and explanation below:


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