Website Design Proposal.

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Case Details
A local organization needs help creating a memorable online presence. They have a website
they’re not happy with and they want to have the values of their organization better represented
throughout their website. They are requesting proposals to overhaul their website so that it more
clearly aligns with their values and stands out in their slice of industry.
Draft Project Proposal: 2 pages plus the title page, single spaced. For this activity, you are
proposing your ideas for how to help an organization (for or nonprofit) design a website that
reflects their values and stands out. You’ve already conducted a content audit, so next you will
analyze the organization’s mission statement and research any other relevant information that
tells you about the organization and what it values. In order to bid successfully on this project, it
is imperative that you understand the organization you have chosen well enough to translate
their mission, culture, and values into a website that reflects those elements through a mix of
prose, color, images, video, structure, and organization. Remember that you do not work for the
company you have chosen; you are a freelancer who has the skills needed to do the project this
organization needs completed. Be very aware of who your audience is, your relationship to
them, and make every effort to build your ethos.


Style: APA

Length: 2 Page single spaced

References: 4

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